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Hello – I am Nancy Strick. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Hudson Center for Healing Touch website. I am a registered nurse and have been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 2000 and a Healing Touch Certified Instructor since 2005. I have a private practice and also teach Healing Touch Level 1and Level 2 classes. In addition, I have a great interest in promoting wellness and the practice of self-care. I am available to speak to community and business organizations about these topics as well... [Read the full story]

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What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch™ is an energy therapy that focuses on helping to restore the natural flow and balance of the body’s energy system. When we are ill, have had surgery, have been injured or are stressed, the flow of energy between the energy centers of the body (the chakras) and the area around the body (the energy field or aura) becomes congested – causing an imbalance or disruption in the energy system. We can feel these negative changes and know when our bodies are not functioning optimally. How many times have you... [Read the full story]

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About the Practitioner

With over 30 years experience in nursing, healthcare management, and clinical research, Nancy Strick, RN, BA, HTCP, HTCI combines practical medical knowledge with an appreciation of the body’s own self-healing powers. In the 1990s, following clinical-trials work at University Hospitals of Cleveland with individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Nancy began taking Healing Touch classes. Certified as a Practitioner in 2000, she became a Healing Touch Certified Instructor in 2005 and has emerged as an influential... [Read the full story]

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    Upcoming Introduction to Healing Touch and Level 1 Class

    Introduction to Healing Touch presentations – where you can learn about Healing Touch, how it is done, and how people are benefiting from it – will be offered at Akron... [Read more]