The Healing Touch Experience

Prior to the first Healing Touch appointment, clients are asked to complete a brief questionnaire. The first appointment begins with a conversation, during which the responses to the questionnaire are reviewed and questions are asked that range from how the individual is feeling that day to what his or her goals are for the treatment/s. Since the client’s well-being is of utmost importance, the relationship that is established between practitioner and client is a partnership.

After a caring, compassionate discussion, the individual may either lie on a massage table or sit on a chair while an energy assessment is done to determine what Healing Touch technique would be most beneficial at that time. Throughout the treatment, the client remains fully clothed but may be asked to remove his/her shoes, particularly if he/she is lying down.

During the session the practitioner either makes sweeping movements over the body or using light touch, gently places her hands on areas of the body to facilitate clearing the congested energy. A feeling of deep relaxation and sense of well-being are the usual responses experienced by clients. One of the most frequent responses is, “I feel peaceful.”

Following the treatment, recommendations for self-care are made. If needed, a follow-up appointment is scheduled and goals are set for ways to enhance well-being and accelerate the body’s natural healing ability. In addition, there are times when referrals may be made to other health-care practitioners.