Client Testimonials

I have had so many wonderful clients and I have been blessed to have several of them graciously write a testimonial about my services. I would like to share with you some of the nice comments I have received from my clients so that you can better understand the type of relationship I would like to develop with you:

LindaMy Healing Touch experience has been one of restoration and introspection. It gives me the inner resources and spirituality to move into my life with renewed enthusiasm and valuable insights, as well as a sense of peace, calm and rejuvenation. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I experienced Healing Touch, but quickly came to look on it as a necessity of life, one of the building blocks of wellness.


AJ (Shaker Heights, OH)I can't say enough about Nancy Strick's gifts and the impact she has had on my life. I was introduced to Nancy and Healing Touch while I was going through a serious illness. I hadn't heard of Healing Touch -- but I found that it was the most calming and emotionally healing part of my treatment and -- to this day -- credit it and Nancy with helping me progress as far as I have. Nancy by nature is a very loving person. Her kind manner and attentive ear enables you to really let go during your sessions, creating a safe space where your feelings are not only heard but are heard in a way that enables you to begin to heal. This is probably due to Nancy's attention to you as a whole person -- with physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This approach filled a void in my medical treatment that would otherwise not have been attended to -- even in this alternative-medicine age. On my hardest days, when I felt like everything in my life was upside-down and swirling around me, Nancy was able to calm all of that energy down, making me feel much more grounded when I left. The importance of this cannot be underestimated -- as this grounded feeling, no matter how long it lasted, gave me a foundation from which I could work toward becoming physically and emotionally healthy again. Much of this would not have been possible had I not had complete faith in Nancy's skills as a practitioner and in her wisdom as a person. Her knowledge goes far beyond what she's studied and what she's learned through her practice. As she works, it's clear that you are witnessing a true gift. The more you get to know Nancy, the more you can see that her practice is much more than just a job -- it is a calling, one I feel blessed to have been a part of. All in all, she listened to me ... she heard me ... she respected me ... she guided me ... she supported me ... she taught me ... she went above and beyond for me ... she cared for me ... she loved me. Really, she helped heal me. And for that, no thanks will ever be enough.

AJ (Shaker Heights, OH)

DennisWhen something hurts enough to slow me down, I go to see Nancy. After months of nagging pain following a broken bone in my shoulder, Healing Touch cleared up that pain. It has also helped relieve lower back pain associated with disc problems and helped my recovery from disc surgery. Maybe it’s the quiet or Nancy’s caring manner, but I always leave feeling relaxed, with pain greatly diminished or—in the case of my shoulder—gone for good.


CTI sought out Healing Touch because I felt helpless and discouraged about my recovery from an injury. Following my first session with Nancy, I felt noticeably more relaxed and peaceful. I learned techniques I could use between sessions to balance mind, body, and spirit, and these helped to speed my recovery and promote feelings of optimism and well being.


KimI injured my knee and went through three months of physical therapy. I was getting very frustrated because my knee was not getting better. After one Healing Touch session, the pain was gone and I was able to get back to normal activities. I would recommend this to anyone with any pain or as a great way to relax.


KTMI have had the opportunity to receive Healing Touch from Nancy for the last nine years, starting the day before I had major surgery. It not only relieved my fears, but I felt as if something “left” my body (cancer, fear, etc.) I continue because of all the positive effects. I am unable to take anti-inflammatory drugs, but with Healing Touch and exercise I am able to control the arthritis that is in my lower back, neck and hand.


DianeI don't know how I would have gotten through my high-risk pregnancy without Healing Touch. With each setback Healing Touch relaxed me, kept me calm, focused, and stress-free. I was able to stay positive and worry-free for my beautiful daughter! I wouldn't have been able to create a worry free environment on my own. Thank you, Nancy.


Karen (Hudson, OH)I'll admit it -- I was a skeptic. But a couple years after a serious bout with meningitis, I was still experiencing numbness and pain from nerve damage. A friend, who is a pragmatic business-type like me, had gone through his recovery from heart surgery with Nancy's help. He said "trust me, you just have to try it". He was right.

There is nothing invasive or embarrassing about Healing Touch, and Nancy tailors each session to whatever needs to be addressed at that time: specific pain, sleeplessness, energy depletion, etc. The utter calm and relaxation I experience while on the table and for a long time afterward is something I have never gotten, even from a great massage -- while at the same time, my energy level and overall well-being are invariably increased. I've told Nancy it's like having my Reset button pushed. Not only is she very effective in addressing pain, but she has actually restored feeling to some areas which were completely numb, and that effect has not diminished.

Nancy is both a complete professional and a loving listener. She is generous with her knowledge, and has even taught me some techniques to do for myself to relieve any pain that I may have between appointments. I cannot overstate what a remarkable change this has made for me. As my friend said, trust me -- you just have to try it.

Karen (Hudson, OH)

Your "Healing Touch" miraculously swept away my tensions and freed my energy so I can be me again. Your gentleness, calmness and professionalism combined with your spirituality and positivism all helped make it work. THANK YOU!


Marg (Akron, OH)I started Nancy Strick’s Healing Touch Therapy in September 2007, at the recommendation of my psychotherapist. At the time, I was having problems with inability to cope with everything going on in my life – death of a husband and resulting aftermath. I had a host of symptoms – inability to sleep, not interested in food, no energy, headaches, depression and inability to complete tasks.

Nancy met with me and recorded all the details of what I was going through. My first session was an incredible experience. I had no idea what Healing Touch therapy was or whether it would work for me. With Nancy’s light touch, I felt my energy flowing and felt a humming sensation in my body. At the end of the first visit, I felt at peace for the first time in my life. Being a Type “A” personality, I never allowed myself to completely relax and it was a wonderful experience.

During the last several months, I have met with Nancy on a weekly basis and am now able to cope with the stressful events in my life. I can honestly say that Nancy had a greater impact on my progress than any doctor. Being a nurse, Nancy offered practical suggestions that resolved some of my symptoms without medication. Now, I am a firm believer in holistic medicine and self-healing.

Marg (Akron, OH)